Manifesto [about: The Mission...]

   Having entered the 2nd Millenium, the evolution and complexity of our species and our civilization is ever increasing and accelerating and we can be sure that we will witness remarkable things in our times.

   After the great Evolutionary Steps of the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Agricultural Age, the Industrial Age and the Space Age, we are now in the Information and Communications Age.

   The World Wide Web has not only opened interactive global communication channels and brought us the entire human knowledge on our fingertips, but it is transforming into a Metaverse, the Noosphere of our collective data and intelligence that encompasses the physical world that we live in.

   This is the point where a new Evolutionary Step is preparing to take place.

   It is a natural process in step with our material and technological advance, the increasing capacity and complexity of our brains, and the revolution of the information and communications era.

   It is also a required transmutation if we are to stay in control of our own tremendously accelerating technology and survive extinction from irrepairable damage to our planet and Life on it.

   The new Evolutionary Step and the Mission of my Art is a shift from our current limiting, separatist and unethical ego- nation- centered consciousness to...

The Evolution of Planetary Consciousness

Stay Tuned...
Symeon Nostrakis, London 2008